Hello. We are First Person.

A San Francisco-based creative agency.

Inspired Stories, Intelligently Told.

We are First Person and we want to be the other half of your team, working with you to make incredible things and invent the future.

We untangle complexity to inspire your customers, partners, and employees, so they understand what you do.

We use our keen visual sense, design thinking, and storytelling to reach your audience in a profound way. Our stories build credibility, create momentum, and drive business… and we don't try to move mountains: instead we look for ways around them, by shifting our focus and testing ideas.

Our name is about perspective: yours and theirs. It's also about firsts, like invention and discovery.

First Person delivers a combination of business intelligence, creativity, and know-how to an expanding digital world, where design and technology seamlessly coexist.

We are early adopters, entrepreneurs, marketers, and trusted partners, and we help to craft some of the most evocative technology stories anywhere: for brands that want to be remembered—just like us.

Let us help you discover the Why and the How.


Design is at the core of everything we do


Great design is what drives great experience. This isn't just about making things look great, it's about making something that reaches your customers.

Digital Campaigns

All of that beautiful content needs an audience, and today there are so many places for people to look. We build cohesive, branded experiences that are meant to work across a variety of channels and platforms.

Content Development

We make beautiful things. Just about anything you might need can be designed and executed by us. Everyone says content is king, but only if it's worth looking at.

Branded Solutions

Whether we develop and implement something new, or help strengthen the existing model, we dive in deep to study and learn what you do, to better understand your business, your brand, and its value in the market.


We help take great ideas to market


Projects require the right team for success. We offer our experience and perspective to the conversation, helping to solve your business problems and making life a little less stressful. Think of us as the missing part of your team.

Tech Translation

We work closely with your product managers and engineers to learn how your products work and what makes them great. We translate that knowledge into meaningful experiences that span B2B, B2C, and B2E.


Is planning and then executing on that plan. It sounds easy enough, but there are lots of things that can go wrong. We help take great ideas to market, guiding you along the way.


We constantly experiment and push boundaries

Emerging Media

Interactivity, touch, sensors, large scale media, Motion Control, Motion Capture, new technologies, bleeding edge tools and toys. We are constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries as early adopters to bring new experiences and capabilities to our clients and partners.

Applied Technology

If it doesn't exist, and we need it, we make it: rigs, robots, and prototypes.


Agile and design-driven, we thrive on building active and engaging experiences people can participate in.

Digital Installation

Executive briefing centers, museums, auto shows, schools, and point of sale—we bring design and development out into the world.