You + Me

A year in the life of Polyphonic Spree

The Polyphonic Spree, a 20-piece rock, pop, choral, symphonic, folk music band, has always pushed the limits of creativity. We at First Person are big fans of the band and jumped at the chance to create the titles and DVD menu for the documentary video of their live show at Webster Hall called, "You + Me: A year in the life of The Polyphonic Spree." The project was fully funded through crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter. TPS gave us nearly free reign to create beautiful, funny, bright and story-driven designs that would connect with fans both new and old.  

Visual nods to them recording Christmas albums in summer in Texas, to their Rock Horror Show performances in London, the titles conveyed the story of the band and how they dug themselves out of an artistic rut, bringing their energy back; a return to form from previous years.