World Forum

10 Year Anniversary

Back in August of 2012, we started a conversation with the people at the Skoll Foundation.  They had randomly come across one of our projects, really liked what they saw, and were sharing it around the office. Before long, we got a phone call.   

We learned that The Skoll Foundation was leaning into their Ten Year Anniversary and they needed a special video for the Skoll World Forum. The Forum is the premiere global gathering of social entrepreneurs and is co-produced with the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

This project was of a completely different breed.  There was no product or service to sell, no feature benefits to tout, and no competitors to discredit.  We were speaking to the experts: the very people who have dedicated their lives to seeking change in the world, no matter the cost. They would travel from every corner of the earth to meet in Oxford, England. Our opportunity to capture their attention would be short-lived if we told the wrong story. We knew we only had one shot.

So, to get started, we embedded ourselves in the culture of the Skoll Foundation. We studied their influences, met their friends, read their books, and absorbed as much as we could. This became our starter course on how to change the world – Social Entrepreneur 101.

After months of generating strong concepts, we arrived at a deep realization and striking conclusion. Our world is delicately hanging in the balance and there are no guaranteed outcomes, so we must dare to imagine change. This idea was honest and we soon learned that most everyone who worked in the world of Social Entrepreneurs shared this belief.

It became obvious, that the audience would also be the most authentic and honest storytellers we could ever find, so we carefully selected nine of them to share their ideas. We asked them, what will the future look like in 50 years?

Dare To Imagine played to a live audience of about a thousand people and was broadcasted to the world from the New Theatre in Oxford England at the opening plenary on the Ten Year Anniversary of the Skoll World Forum. It set the tone for disruption for the remainder of the week and became a topic of conversation and debate throughout the conference.  We were very fortunate to attend the Forum and learn firsthand what it truly means to disrupt the world and seek out change.