The Future of Electricity is Digital...

Power at a New Scale

Building the AWEA and EVN Experiences

The Energy Industry must undergo a massive digital transformation to survive. But how will an analog industrial business that has mostly gone unchanged for nearly a century learn to embrace digital?

GE is at the forefront of this revolution. As the world's first and only Digital Industrial company, GE is guiding customers through the transformation, enabling them to thrive in the modern global economy as viable digital businesses. 

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Building on their industrial experience, GE is adding digital services that bring their machines to a previously unattainable level of efficiency and reliability. To highlight these machines that are seamlessly integrated with technology, First Person designed several live experiences marrying physical scale models with interactive technology.

At the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) conference in New Orleans, we built an eleven-foot wind farm model that included both on and off-shore wind turbines. Animated weather patterns and terrain were mapped on the surface from a powerful projector hung overhead. This model served as the centerpiece for their booth and three unique touch screen experiences, one of which was an immersive chair that allowed the user interact with a live camera feed of the model with overlaid graphics.

The EVN is an academic interactive experience unlike anything GE has been able to share with it’s customers in the past.  Augmented reality, and a scale model of the Electricity Value Network come together to position GE as the world’s only Digital Industrial company: pioneering the digital transformation of the energy industry through advanced capabilities in software and analytics and a domain expertise that spans 127 years.

The EVN captivates customers by teaching them the value of GE’s offerings using industry themes and use cases relevant to the customers interests, all while they’re having a good time.

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