Secure WiFi

Better than at my mom's house

Good Move / Bad Move is the title of a series of spots created for Aruba Networks featuring an IT engineer named Michael. In the beginning, "Bad Michael" faces IT professional challenges but does not have the tools, equipment, or resources he needs to do his job. As a result, he takes his frustration out on anyone who requests his help. In contrast, with Aruba Networks, "Good Michael" is a shining example of an astute and infinitely helpful IT engineer. Each scenario in the campaign showcases a vital piece of Aruba' s software, hardware, or service. 

In this spot, Bad Michael accidentally reveals to his date that he lives at home with his mom while trying to steal wi-fi from an anonymous corporate parking lot. His date catches on and he strikes out, once again. With Aruba Network's secure Wi-Fi, Good Michael has his own office and uses Airwave to save the day and impresses the girl. 

All spots in the campaign were conceived, written, produced and directed by the talented creative staff in-house at First Person.