Own the Game

Business opportunity blossoms like the Spring

Event production company, InVision Communications, turned to First Person to direct, design, and animate the headline video for Cisco Partner Summit.  The goal was to create a visually stimulating opening and introduce the theme, while touching on the new optimistic tone regarding economic growth, opportunity, and Cisco’s worldwide network of valued partners.

The video featured Cisco Executive, Keith Goodwin, and preceded his Keynote address. Due to Keith's incredibly demanding schedule, we were only able to have him on set for four hours.  To make the most of this time, First Person had a minute by minute shot list that went off without a hitch. 1P collaborated with Acme Scenery to create a camera and bicycle rig that provided flexibility for a wide variety of shots and fluidity of motion for the cyclist's turns and sprints.

The final result is a beautiful vision story that set the tone for the entire event.