Max Open

First Person worked together with premiere experiential marketing agency, The Kenwood Group, to create the 2011 Adobe Max Opener and conference visuals. This was our third time producing the open and our most ambitious effort to date!

Adobe wanted to create a huge impact for the opener. Adobe had already created a beautiful set of conference images that showed the interplay of art and technology in the form of two dancers. Our solution was to bring focus to the story of how Adobe products enable artists, and to tell this story in the form of a dance.

We had an enormous canvas to work on, over 200 feet in length and it contained a large central box that we decide to project map. In our initial designs, we started to transform this huge setting into different environments which eventually became the sets for the dancers. Director, Dave Mackie, worked with us to choreograph a story of courtship and romance between the dancers that ends with an explosion of creative ideas.

We had the great fortune to witness this event in person and we were blown away. Our hat goes off to the Kenwood Group for the stunning realization of the event.