Lights Out

Cisco Security

Cisco Security had a simple ask that actually turned out to be a very, very big job. How do you explain Cisco Security to the layperson in less than two minutes, but make it engaging enough that the audience isn’t nodding off around the one-minute mark?  

In order to tell this story we needed to know the story, inside and out.  So Creative Director Ty Bardi and Account Manager Drew Fiero got to work researching every aspect of Cisco’s security solutions, interviewing experts, reading countless white papers, case studies and threat reports. In the end, we distilled it down to the four reasons that Cisco is better:  Simple, Open, Automated and Effective.

Looking at the marketing landscape, every other security company out there is simply selling the moon.  They’re promising an unachievable result; a world without threat of attack, thanks to the power of “magic.” But the reality is that threats are always out there, enterprises will always be attacked. That part can’t be stopped. What can be stopped is the damage, the devastating consequences of a successful breach. That’s the message we delivered here.  Using a fast-paced conversational style that speaks directly to viewers and a little bit of snark, the film explains the four concepts of Simple, Open, Automated and Effective and ties it all together with the key message; that Cisco built the network and now they’re building the most effective security architecture in the world.

Security Made Simple

A campaign is born

The film was amazingly well received both within Cisco and in the larger industry. It was shared throughout the industry, even by competitors and altered the course of future Cisco Security messaging.  And what started as a small presentation video turned into an entire campaign.  Cisco asked us to create three :30-second spots from this for broadcast television and work it into the launch of their rebrand. 

2 Automation


Automatically detect malware and block it across the entire network.

3 Open


Open architecture lets you snap in the solutions you need, when you need them.