How do you show the value of an app in 60 seconds?

Concur had a tough problem: how do you explain the value of TripIt in sixty seconds? They needed something that was fun to watch, grabbed your attention and showed what’s great about the app.

As we reviewed the communication objectives it became clear that the real value of the TripIt app was two-fold: pulling all of your disparate information into a single place and then presenting the right information at the right time.

With this insight in place we focused on the story of how the TripIt app makes your journey effortless, which lead to the idea that the user should always be at the center of the frame with the world changing around them. A visually continuous story of your travel: leaving home, getting a ride, catching your plane, conducting business, and completing the loop by making it home in time for dinner.

Once we had our visual story it was a great collaboration with the Concur design and brand team to create a character and environment that was tightly mapped to the TripIt brand language and color system.

This video has driven higher lead gen and better adoption of the product and has been used across a number of media channels: lead gen,, youtube, social, Android and Apple App stores.