America's Love Affair with the Automobile

and the Birth of the Connected Car

A Customer Story that doesn't even mention the customer

Let the experience speak for itself

Cisco asked us to redefine the way they tell their customer success stories. They had been creating many different stories to hit as many different verticals as possible.  The problem was they were made with very different quality standards and without a unified approach.

Our assignment: explain how Cisco enables the GM "connected car".

Before getting started, we asked a couple of simple questions: What if we produced fewer, better stories? And what if these stories had a point of view that focused on the customer outcome?

We decided to frame it from the point of view of a long time GM owner. Someone who has seen cars change from roll-up windows and AM radio to the highly connected vehicles with hundreds of sensors. Someone who just appreciated the benefits without thinking about how it worked.

Cisco's partner, GM, loved the story! And so did the Cisco audience.  The GM customer story became one of the most popular stories on the Cisco site. Additionally, it transcended its role as simply a case study. A shorter version was created for lead gen and partner events. The character of Frank has resonated and made a technology story fun to watch.