Freedom to Play

We know that a lot of video games are outselling Hollywood blockbusters and the gaming industry is constantly innovating, generating excitement from gamers all over the world.  When OnLive asked us to help them come up with something great for CES, we were totally stoked.  

We knew there would be countless amounts of super flashy high end 3D graphics, game footage and Cinematics playing anywhere you might turn on the showroom floor. CES is a little like a Vegas casino circa 1990, blinking lights and loud sounds everywhere, and it is super distracting if you’re trying to find something specific. Our mission was to get OnLive to stand apart and to get a really important message across.  OnLive is made for everyone, anywhere, anytime.  Its for gamers, people on the go, kids, and even mom. 

Our approach was actually rather simple, throw out the high-end graphics and go analog or go home.  Gaming is such a personal experience and we felt it was so much about the way we actually play and interact with the games that needed to shine through.

The entire piece was shot at the Kerner stages right before they closed.  We projected the backgrounds in real time and wheeled in every set on three sets of dolly tracks.  We built all the sets by hand and made sure every prop was oversized to emphasize the fun factor and bring attention to the way games immerse us in a world of fantasy and play. 

The OnLive Anthem was a huge success.  As an approachable way to share gaming everywhere, it got the attention it deserved and became the standout piece that helped OnLive connect with a much wider audience.