Casimir Fornalski

Casimir Fornalski

Senior Art Director

A Bay Area native, Casimir grew up in Fremont, California in the shadow of MC Hammer’s house. He attended Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he first studied live-action filmmaking, but then focused on animation and graphic design. Before coming to work at First Person, Cas worked at Google and Yahoo.

Cas is a firm believer in the influential power of media, and feels that everything creatives make is part of an ongoing conversation about the world around us. The responsibility to be honest and considerate with design is very important to him. He’s also passionate about science, as the universe and it’s many moving parts are endlessly fascinating. If budget and time (and let’s face it physics) weren’t an issue, he’d love to visit the Jovian moon of Europa, take an Instagram of Saturn’s rings and bike alongside the Mars rover. Other interests include video games, electronic music, cycling, abstract art and cats.

He cites First Person’s thoughtful approach to projects as well as the creative and upbeat spirit of the people he works with as the reason to join the company. The chance to bike to work in downtown San Francisco after years of commuting to Silicon Valley didn’t hurt as well.